2016 FEDERAL ELECTION – SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Faithful Generations

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For Immediate Release




Date:  12th June 2016






Joseph Stephen is running as a Senate candidate for South Australia at the upcoming 2016 Federal Election. He is the 2nd Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group). The lead Senate candidate for South Australia is Matt Attia. The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) was started by Fred Nile over 35 years ago. Fred Nile is one of the longest serving politicians in Australia and is a conservative, Bible believing Christian.


Joseph Stephen is a totally blind software engineer, author, preacher, and father of 9. He has been married to Mary Florence for 20 years. His vision and mission is to teach and apply the wisdom of God to every area of life through family-based discipleship. He first ran as a Senate candidate for the CDP in 2010.


•              Support traditional marriage and family,


•              Defend the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death,


•              Support our farmers and national food security,


•              Support small businesses,


•              Give priority to Christian refugees who will respect and live by our Christian values,


•              Protect religious freedom and freedom of speech.


Every state and territory will have the chance to defy the sexualisation of our children and stop the unsafe schools program. All Australians will have the opportunity to oppose the undermining of marriage, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  In South Australia you can vote for CDP in the Senate by placing your No 1 CDP vote in Group M above the line. Preference recommendations for spots 1-6 will be provided in coming days and at the polling booths however it is the voter that ultimately decides where preferences are directed. If you do choose to vote below the line on the Senate paper, when considering Liberal candidates, please note that David Fawcett and Cory Bernardi should be preferenced before all other Liberal candidates as they are known to support conservative Christian views.


The CDP is also fielding three lower house candidates in South Australia: Marina William for Hindmarsh, Jen Salt for Port Adelaide and Ralph Anderson for Wakefield. Please support them and ensure you Vote 1 CDP and preference other parties as you wish.  


Joseph Stephen


State Director – South Australia 


Mob: 0416 090 232 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



A Note to Voters in the Electorate of Sturt

Though CDP has Senate candidates representing all electorates (white paper), we only currently have three lower house candidates in Port Adelaide, Wakefield and Hindmarsh (green paper). We thus strongly encourage everyone in the Electorate of Sturt to give their support to Neil Aitchison (http://sanctuary.net.au) who is running as an independent. Neil is a Christian and will never support "same-sex marriage" or the "safe schools" agenda social engineering. He will also never support Shariah law.