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Book Recommendations

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I have found your books eminently satisfying; they are packed with things modern Christians need to understand.

- Dallas Clarnette, Presbyterian Minister and Author, Journalist and former College lecturer.


The Sufficiency of Scripture: The Key to Revival – Joseph Stephen, Pleasant Word Publishers 2011
This excellent book serves two purposes.  It asserts the sufficiency of Scripture for all Christian faith and life, and shows how Scripture is the key to revival in our time. 
Both are important issues. On the one hand while Christians usually affirm the infallibility, inerrancy and authority of Scripture many doubt that Scripture is sufficient for all Christian life and faith.  Christians who rely on unbiblical methods and pragmatic solutions rather than relying on the Scripture as sufficient for all aspects of Christian ministry, prove the point. 
Here, Joseph Stephen has accomplished a remarkable feat. Joseph is totally blind. He earns a living as a software engineer dedicated to helping visually impaired people. Just how he was able to write a book, something many Christians would not attempt, is quite extraordinary. Yet this book is his third! This is surely a testimony to the Spirit who has enabled him to do this. While the author supports his wife and seven children, he has found time to acquire an impressive grasp of Scripture and theology.
By asserting the sufficiency of scripture, he presents a corrective to a serious flaw in much contemporary evangelical thought. However, this is no dry academic treatise.
The correlation between Scripture’s sufficiency for all life and spiritual revival is then fleshed out.
His method is thoroughly Biblical. Revival is not the result of Christians attempting to manipulate God, nor the result of a fervent pietism. It is the result of true Christian obedience and this starts with the individual believer, and it starts in the home. Personal revival is emphasised, then revival in the home, in the church and in the disciplines of prayer both personal, family and corporate. His treatment is eminently practical and thorough. It is also searching. If men are not living Biblically as the spiritual leaders in their home and family, there is a problem. This is well addressed. And if men fail in their life at home so they will in the local church.
It can be confidently said, that here is “meat for men”, and of course for godly women. Besides his professional and family responsibilities, Joseph also sits as a member of the Executive of Australian Christians, the only Christian political party in the country. 
Joseph’s books are available from Koorong and deserve the attention of the reading Christian. They are, If a Picture Paints a Thousand Word a warning about how the images our children see can do so much damage. Next there is More Than Meets the Eye – a book of very good poems. Finally, The Sufficiency of Scripture. Be sure to visit his website: 

- Dallas Clarnette, Presbyterian Minister and Author, Journalist and former College lecturer.

The Sufficiency of Scripture the Key to Revival by Joseph StephenPaul says in 1 Corinthians 14:8, “If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?”  Unfortunately many churches today are giving an uncertain sound or even an erroneous one when it comes to the truths in God’s Word.In his book, The Sufficiency of Scripture, Joseph Stephen gives a very clear trumpet sound.  His emphasis is on establishing both the home and the church on a strong Biblical basis so they can then give a clear message to the nation.The book tackles many things we would rather leave alone.  What responsibility do we accept for bringing up our children in the knowledge of God’s Word?  Is the husband the head of the family and is he showing Godly, loving leadership?  How many assumptions do we make about what the Bible says without really checking it out?  What message do we give in the way we dress?  Church music, how much is truly Biblical?  Does it rule our services or is it a servant helping us to worship God?Are we complacent, just drifting along?  Abortion, divorce, adultery, homosexuality are all too common so we tend to turn a blind eye, but can we afford to?  How do we handle our money?  What is wise for us to look at on TV, in books and magazines, and what isn’t?  Politics, should we just ignore it or should we get involved?  These are some of the things we are challenged on.You may disagree with some of what Joseph says but as you reflect on the Biblical basis he works on you will find your values and the reasons for them challenged and it will bring a fresh light to the Scriptures and what God requires of us.Repeatedly Joseph brings us back to what the Bible says.  We may rightly say we are not going to be brought under bondage to a whole list of do’s and don’ts, but if we are going to be honest before God we will have to look hard at our motives and whether we are truly living under the Lordship of Christ.The message in this book sets a Bible-based pattern for Christians whatever their country.  So many families are dysfunctional.  The teaching here will help to put them on a right path if people will commit their lives to God and His Word and children are taught the true foundation on which to build their lives.This book uses the Bible as its basis for everything.  It challenges us to do the same.

- Jim Shroeder BSc, Former Deputy Principal Tyndale Christian College & Missionary to PNG


Sufficiency of Scripture Book reviewed in Precious Seed Magazine Dec 2011 (p.8)


Your book 'Sufficiency of Scripture' is wonderful. It touches some subjects that are very dear to me, yet unfortunately very much neglected …

- Ninel Lazar, Romania

It’s no secret that the church is struggling and so are the families in it. We struggle with apathy and division. Programs and plans designed to excite teenagers about the church or create better leaders hit the market all the time, but all too often, the best and most effective answer book is left behind. The Sufficiency of Scripture is based on the “fundamental doctrine” that God’s Word is sufficient to guide and instruct our personal lives, our homes and our church. And guess what? It is! Joseph Stevens takes a detailed look at each of these aspects and uses the Scripture to outline what our lives, homes and churches should look like.This book was given to me by a visiting speaker at our midweek Bible study. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but something made him reach into his backpack and challenge me to read this book. Dad asked to read it first and liked it so much we ended up reading it as a family during family devotions. After reading it as a family, it got tucked back onto the bookshelf for a while. Recently, I have found that it is a great go-to book when questions come up about how a church should be structured or what a Godly family looks like. I highly recommend this book.

- Leah Good, USA 

 I love how Mr. Stephen uses Scripture first, and then uses commentary and his opinion to explain his points and draw from the Scriptures, leaning heavily on the Word of God itself.

- Rachel,

Joseph Stephen writes from his own personal experiences and struggles.He creates poems that are "precious jewels", something beautiful and profound!His poems are written from the soul, where expressions and emotions meet to create a pearl.In this way he draws closer to God, and in doing so points to Him, the sustainer of all things.Each poem is a life lesson!A truly amazing poet, unique and one of a kind!

- Debra d'Lima, South Australia